Monday, 14 April 2014

The Gallery: A photo I'm proud of

I really considered skipping this week out because I really haven't spent any time experimenting with the other functions on my real camera, I always use auto.  This day however popped to mind, and while not a 'wow' photo I really like how the height of the trees have been captured through the depth of the shot. This area is a natural koala habitat Forest Red Gums and Swamp Mahogany are the main type in this area with trees as tall as 60m. We spent the day with our eyes up and necks kinked back. It was a beautiful day and we got to see a number of native Australia fauna along with really beautiful tall trees, something we don't get to see much of here in Japan.

The Gallery this week is hosting other interesting photos, have a look

Monday, 7 April 2014

A wake up moment

Driving my son (7) to his mates house today I had one of those moments that took me by surprise.
"Mum do you know that S (7) does the cleaning and cooks dinner everyday"
"Really?, don't you mean he helps do the cleaning and helps cook dinner?"
"No. He told me that he does it".
"Oh............I thought his mum did it. So what does she do during the day?"
I'm very well that she is a stay at home mum who looks after a three year old and studies part time.

"She watches tv and uses her iPhone", he replied.
I laughed. "what!!"

So the million dollar question
"So what do you think I do each day?"

It went quiet....
"Play with Sora (the Labrador)...................(time lapse) ........... make lunch (little sister)............ (more time) watch tv!".

Is this just my son or is this a seven year old boy thing?
I plan on sharing what I do with my day with him more often to clear up the difference between image and reality!

For what it's worth I asked my 5 year old and my 9 year old at dinner. I got better answers with them.

Go ahead ask your kids, I'm curious to hear what they think too
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